Recipe Box Plugin™

An award-winning add-on for your existing recipe cards

Your food blog already has a recipe card plugin — now it’s time to turbocharge it! Give your audience a recipe box to easily save, organize, and share your delicious recipes.

…And grow your email list at the same time!

Drives Traffic

Your saved recipes follow users from site to site, box to box; on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Regardless of where they use their box, your saved recipes always drive traffic back to your site.

Increases Engagement

Readers who sign-up for the Recipe Box on your site will return again and again to see the recipes they’ve saved. Your site becomes their online hub for their saved recipes.

Builds your email list

Once you verify ownership of your site, watch your email list grow as registered users opt-in. Bloggers who currently use the Recipe Box Plugin™ have seen strong growth in their email sign-ups.

Adds Value

Besides saving recipes, the Recipe Box Plugin™ has built-in Social Sharing making it easy for readers to share favorite recipes with family and friends. They become your own brand ambassadors!

A CuratorCrowd™ product powered by Just A Pinch Recipes

Since adding the Recipe Box I’ve removed the pop up opt in for my email list and I’m getting triple the growth with the recipe box opt in vs a pop up. My readers love having a place to save their favorite recipes. This has been a great asset to my site.

Christy Jordan,

My readers love the Recipe Box and it helps to grow my email list!

Kevin Lynch,

The Recipe Box allows you to save and store online recipes so you don’t have to print and store pages and pages of favorite recipes and recipes that you want to try. I use it personally to save recipes. It’s a valuable resource that drives traffic and email subscriptions to

Paula M. Jones,

My readers love the ability to keep all their favorite recipes in one place and it’s helped me grow my email list quickly and easily.

Stacey Little,

Best User Experience for Mobile 2019 International Davey Awards

Best User Experience for Mobile 2019 International Davey Awards

Best User Interface for Mobile 2019 International Davey Awards

Best User Interface for Mobile 2019 International Davey Awards

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Best User Experience for Mobile 2019 International Davey Awards

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Best User Experience 2019 Digiday Publishing Awards

Best Mobile Features-Best User Interface 2019 W3 Awards

Best Mobile Features-Best User Interface 2019 W3 Awards

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Website Features-Technical Achievement 2019 W3 Awards

How to Install the Recipe Box Plugin™

WordPress Plugin

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add Plugin in your WordPress admin
    Navigate to Plugins > Add Plugin in your WordPress admin
  2. Search for “CuratorCrowd Recipe Box” and Install
    Search for CuratorCrowd Recipe Box and Install
  3. Activate the plugin
    Activate the plugin

Be sure to clear cache if you use a cache plugin or CDN.

Don’t use WordPress?

If you don’t use WordPress or need an alternative, simple paste the following javascript snippet before the closing </body> in your main template or on any page.

Show Code
<script>window.rcp_pinch=window.rcp_pinch||{};window.rcp_pinch.config={'suppressAutoPinch':true};(function(){var e=document.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('charset','UTF-8');e.setAttribute('async','async');e.setAttribute('src',''+new Date().getTime().toString().substr(0, 7));document.body.appendChild(e);})();</script>

It’s Live!

Congratulations — You’ve given your readers a reason to come back to your site again and again!

Next Steps

Upload your logoSee exciting usage stats, and Download your co-registration email list — Simply create your free CuratorCrowd™ account and follow the setup instructions.

Questions about the Recipe Box Plugin™

Why Should I Add the Recipe Box Plugin™ to My Website?

This is often the first question we get from food bloggers who find out about the Recipe Box Plugin™. The Recipe Box Plugin™ is part of the CuratorCrowd™ Traffic & Engagement Platform built specifically for food blogs and websites to drive traffic, improve user engagement & increase revenue. The Recipe Box Plugin™ gives your readers a place to save recipes from your site and around the web making it their central online hub for recipes. They’ll come back to your site again and again.

Does the Recipe Box Plugin™ cost anything?

No! It’s absolutely free.

Free, really? Aren’t you just going to try to upsell me on a paid or “premium” version?

We’re serious, the Recipe Box Plugin™ is absolutely free! There are no premium or paid versions.

I’m not a developer, will I be able to install the Recipe Box Plugin™ on my blog/website?

Absolutely! We built the Recipe Box Plugin™ to be extremely easy to install, either with our WordPress Plugin or by copying and pasting a short line of code into your website”s template.

Slow down, you’re scaring me with talk of adding code to my website – can I really do this myself?

You can! it’s really simple whether using the WordPress Plugin or any of the other ways to install the Recipe Box Plugin™.

OK – if I get stuck, do you offer any support for me?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering awesome support and almost always answer support questions within 1 business day. Send us an email at whenever you have a question or suggestion!

If I add this to my blog/website will it slow down my site or impact my site performance?

No, we’ve built the Recipe Box Plugin™ for speed so it won’t impact page load time. It’s been tested over 8 years and already powers millions of cloud-based recipe boxes, with over 24 million saved recipes from over 24 thousand blogs and food sites.

Are there ads in the Recipe Box Plugin™?

There are no ads in the Recipe Box Plugin™. If our blog partners want to add advertising or sponsorships, we could consider it for discussion purposes at a later date.

Will the Recipe Box Plugin™ take visitors away from my blog/website?

Au contraire! (that’s fancy talk for c’mon now!) We’ve actually built the Recipe Box Plugin™ to increase engagement from your readers/visitors, keeping them on your site longer, helping you build your email list and bringing them back for repeat visits to your blog/website. When users click on links to your site from your Recipe Box Plugin™, it links directly to your site. Links to other sites open in a new window keeping visitors on your site.

How do I brand the Recipe Box with my blog name and logo?

Your box automatically adds your domain name. You can also upload your logo to enhance your branding after you verify ownership of your site at

Wait – I can build my email list? I like the sound of that, tell me more.

Once you verify ownership of your website and update your privacy policy, registered users can opt-in to your email list.

Why do I have to verify ownership of my site and update my privacy policy to get emails from someone signing up on my own website?

We take privacy and security seriously. Verifying site ownership assures you that we won’t share your site stats and/or data with anyone but the site owner (you). And just like we present our privacy policy to first-time recipe box users creating a Just A Pinch account, your users are presented with your updated privacy policy at time of selecting email lists allowing us to share that information with you. It”s mutual transparency between you, us and users.

What if I don’t want a page to be savable by the Recipe Box?

You may wish to prevent certain non-food related pages of your site from being saved like about me, sponsored posts, temporary pages, etc. To disallow saving of specific pages, place this meta tag in the of each respective html document.
CAUTION: Placing this tag in your site template will prevent your whole site from being saved.

<meta name="justapinch" content="nopinch">

Are there any new features being developed for the Recipe Box Plugin™?

Yes! We are continually testing and researching new features to make the Recipe Box Plugin™ more valuable for food publishers. eCommerce and shoppable recipes are anticipated enhancements as those solutions mature.